Anyone around here spend any time with the python ...
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Anyone around here spend any time with the python bindings for the pulumi-azuredevops provider? It seems like either the repository api docs are out of date, or potentially a minor issue with the tfgen bindings w.r.t. Optional parameters.
Specifically optional parameters appear to be being flagged as mandatory somewhere in the Pulumi stack. In the create example from the docs,
pulumi preview
errors out with:
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resource 'repo' has a problem: "initialization.0.source_url": all of `initialization.0.source_type,initialization.0.source_url` must be specified"
Using the terraform provider directly from terraform doesn’t seem to have this problem (source url and type are optional outside of init_type = ‘Import’
One can work around it by just specifying dummy values that meet the input validation requirements for source url and type, so it’s not the end of the world… but it seems awkward.
Can you create an issue here for it?
Sure. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious (as I’m still relatively new to Pulumi) before creating an issue 😀