Hey friendly people! Is there anywhere to get more...
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Hey friendly people! Is there anywhere to get more info on these exceptions?
I’m not sure what level the exception is triggered by. It’s AWS so would that request-id be something I can find in CloudWatch?
FWIW, it looks like AWS is returning an error (hence the 400 error). There are flags you can pass to
pulumi up
to get additional information. This troubleshooting page should help: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/troubleshooting/#diagnosing-issues
Hey thanks Mitch. The difficulty I’m having with the logging is that it’s being written concurrently by dozens of threads so, even though I see this error in there, I can’t find what preceeded it on that thread
Yeah it can get pretty hairy. It might take some sifting, but I would expect there’s a call to the AWS API that you should be able to find and the error returned from AWS. If possible commenting out all but the essential parts that cause the error should help cut down on the noise.
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