HI all, excuse my stupidity here, but I am trying ...
# python
HI all, excuse my stupidity here, but I am trying to work off of an Azure example that is written in typescript (which I am not supoer competent in) wonder if anyone could help convert this pulumi block to python:
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const resourceId = (resource: string) =>
    .all([resourceGroup.name, currentSubscription])
      ([resourceGroupName, subscription]) =>
Basically, I am trying to build a resource string, where part of the values are coming from other pulumi components, while some are plain python variables. I don't have a ton of experience with python lamdas either, so I am a bit stuck
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pulumi.Output.all(resource_group.name, current_subscription).apply(
        lambda args: # do whatever here with args[0] and args[1]
try this out?
thanks @handsome-state-59775 I ended up skipping the lambda and trying out pulumi's output.concat.
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def get_resource_id(resource_type):
    return Output.concat("/subscriptions/",subscription_id,"/resourceGroups/",resource_group.name,"/providers/Microsoft.Network/applicationGateways/",application_gateway_name,"/",resource_type,"/",default_name)
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I would pass all parameters to the
instead of depending on variables outside of its scope though