Working with Google Artifact Registry, I am having...
# python
Working with Google Artifact Registry, I am having trouble finding an example of initializing a google_beta provider in Python. All the examples I find reference a
variable, but I can’t find an instantiation of it.
Could it be just pulumi_gcp.provider.Provider(…)?
I figured it out.. .google_beta = gcp.provider.Provider(resource_name=“google-beta”, project=“…”) but my real problem was that
*ERROR:* (gcloud.artifacts.repositories.create) Names may only contain lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens, and must begin with a letter and end with a letter or number.
was only presented with
400 Invalid argument
so I wasted plenty of time on that
Hi Amir, sorry for the trouble you had figuring out the root cause of your error. We have a github issue at to make more of the error message available. Would you mind adding your use case (artifact repository) to that issue too?