does anyone know how to properly setup IntelliSens...
# python
does anyone know how to properly setup IntelliSense/autocomplete/code hint for pulumi python on VS Code? the built in Python Intellisense isn't giving me any code suggestion specific on pulumi or pulumi_aws
This is known issue (it somewhere in pulumi github) Afaik VSCode worked "okay-ish" You just need to select the correct interpreter. If you have setup new pulumi project it also created a VENV so you need to point VSCode to that
Also, it's worth checking into and using Pipenv if you haven't already. It's how we manage all our dependencies for the Pulumi Python implementation.
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name = "pypi"
url = "<>"
verify_ssl = true

black = ">=20.8b0"
debugpy = "*"
flake8 = "*"
pyls-black = "*"
python-language-server = "*"
rope = "*"

pulumi = "<4.0.0,>=3.3.0"
pulumi-kubernetes = "<4.0.0,>=3.2.0"
pulumi-vault = "<5.0.0,>=4.0.1"
pulumi-aws = "<5.0.0,>=4.5.1"
pulumi-fastly = "<4.0.0,>=3.1.0"
pulumi-random = "<5.0.0,>=4.1.1"
pulumi-<ORG>-lib = { path = "./pulumi-<ORG>-lib", editable = true }
jinja2 = "*"
boto3 = "*"

python_version = "3.8" # Aligns with the version in the official Docker image we base off of.

allow_prereleases = true
VScode seems to detect pipenv's presence and subsequently you can pick an interpreter (the one for the pipenv/venv) for the project.
Then again, I'm using Pylance, so YMMV