hi peeps! I'm trying to create a web app, and then...
# python
hi peeps! I'm trying to create a web app, and then use listWebAppPublishingCredentials to get the scm_uri value, much like this person is trying to do here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64557665/pulumi-add-azure-web-app-service-web-hook-to-azure-container-registry-for-conti The proposed solution makes sense (it's JS):
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const webhook = pulumi.all([resourceGroup.name, webApp.name])
    .apply(([resourceGroupName, name]) => 
        web.listWebAppPublishingCredentials({ resourceGroupName, name }))
    .apply(creds => creds.scmUri + "/docker/hook");
But when trying to run the same in python, it's basically saying "The web app resource was not found", which makes sense... because I'm trying to create it right before. What would be the right way to solve this? One option is to create a different stack and have them run one after the other but that's something I'd really, really like to avoid.