question - is there a programmatic way to provide ...
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question - is there a programmatic way to provide pulumi GCP credentials as opposed to setting the env. export GOOGLE_CREDENTIALS ect ? Additionally is it possible to use a service account token with pulumi ?
Aside from
gcloud auth application-default login
did you check out the config docs?
Contents of a file that contains your service account private key in JSON format. You can download your existing Google Cloud service account file from the Google Cloud Console, or you can create a new one from the same page. Credentials can also be specified using any of the following environment variables (listed in order of precedence): 
. The 
 environment variable can also contain the path of a file to obtain credentials from. If no credentials are specified, the provider will fall back to using the Google Application Default Credentials. If you are running Pulumi from a GCE instance, see Creating and Enabling Service Accounts for Instances for details.
hey! thanks for the response. I did use this and it works but what I am trying to do is have pulumi create a list of service accounts (via cloudbuild) and then utilize those service accounts to build infrastructure per SA. I am wondering if there is a way to give pulumi a short lived token or credential to build per SA.
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