this is the errors I get: ```self = <
# python
this is the errors I get:
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self = <pulumi.runtime.mocks.MockMonitor object at 0x7f0727a5ee80>
request = tok: "pulumi:pulumi:getResource"
args {
  fields {
    key: "urn"
    value {
      string_value: "urn:pulumi:dev::totoro::aws:ec2/vpc:Vpc$aws:ec2/routeTable:RouteTable::dvusea1-totoro-priv-route-table"

    def Invoke(self, request):
        # Ensure we have an event loop on this thread because it's needed when deserializing resource references.
        args = rpc.deserialize_properties(request.args)
        if request.tok == "pulumi:pulumi:getResource":
            registered_resource = self.resources.get(args["urn"])
            if registered_resource is None:
>               raise Exception(f"unknown resource {args['urn']}")
E               Exception: unknown resource urn:pulumi:dev::totoro::aws:ec2/vpc:Vpc$aws:ec2/routeTable:RouteTable::dvusea1-totoro-priv-route-table
this the exception I am seeing