Hi people! I'm having an strange issue with aws pr...
# python
Hi people! I'm having an strange issue with aws provider, i reduced my code to this:
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from pulumi_aws import iam

iam.Policy('test', policy='{}')
It doesn't matter that this will produce an error due to missing fields on policy because I'm not getting an error because my stack just hangs (and sometimes when I interrupt it with ctrl+c it show an
transport is closing
error, but not always). The funny thing is that I wrote my code applied on one stack (lets say staging) then when trying to apply it to other stack (lets say production) is when it hangs, I'm using different aws profiles for each stack, but I verified that is properly configured (other stacks with other code but same profile works). Any clues on how to debug this issue? I think the issue is while triying to instanciate the default aws provider but even using very verbose logs I cant see anything that let me fix this.