Hey all, we are trying to integrate Pulumi with Gi...
# gitlab
Hey all, we are trying to integrate Pulumi with GitLab CI/CD. We are using the Go runtime and things seem to be working when we run
pulumi up --yes
except that it seems to get stuck on
@ Previewing update
. Is there any way we can debug this to see why it gets hung?
A couple of things to check/try: • I have not used Gitlab, but I assume it’s spinning up an environment in which the pipeline is run. The Go libraries are quite large and so if that environment is undersized it can get stuck or take such a long time it seems like it’s stuck. So, if you can bump up the memory for the environment, that may help. •
pulumi up --yes --debug -v9
will produce all sorts of debug data that may shed some light on things.
Thanks @witty-candle-66007, that was very helpful. It looks like an undersized runner was the problem to a degree. We spun up our own GitLab runner and it was definitely faster. One issue we're still seeing is that on each job run Pulumi re-downloads the plugins. How can I find out the directory the plugins are cached by Pulumi? I'd like to cache them using gitlab CI if possible.
By default plugins are downloaded into ~/.pulumi/plugins You can modify this behavior by setting $PULUMI_HOME https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/cli/environment-variables/
Thanks, that's exactly what we needed!