# gitlab


02/07/2022, 11:15 AM
Hi pulumi users ! I'm currently facing a pretty annoying issue regarding the way I manage gitlab with pulumi. I used pulumi to create and manage projects and groups variables. Actually, I have a little more than 1300 resources in my gitlab stack.
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Since last week, I'm facing the following issue : 
  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (gitlab-resources):
    error: resource complete event returned an error: failed to save snapshot: [403] The provided update token has expired.
    error: update failed
I tried to enable logs but I generate a file with almost 180k line, so it's pretty hard to find what's wrong inside. I also try to debug by generating a tracing file following this And after some diging i found that several process took more than one min I try to change the parallelism to 1, 10 or 40 but nothing change, i still have the same error. Is anyone facing the same issue ? For information, my gitlab is an on-premise one, not