A bunch of new features just landed in Automation ...
# automation-api
A bunch of new features just landed in Automation API. This will require updating your CLI to v2.10.1. You can see the full changelog here, but some highlights: • Stack name validations have been relaxed at the Automation API layer. This change was made to enable local backends. • Output from Up/Refresh/Preview can now be streamed to a list of
example • Support added for private git repo authentication: examples • Helper functions to extract permalink from update result: example • cancel/import/export recovery APIs: example • upsert stack helper methods (create or select): example • workspace scoped environment variables (useful for setting passphrase envs for local backends): example • Support for non-default secrets providers: example Docs and examples are up to date as well: • godocautomation-api-exampleshalloumi 🏭 Thanks for all of the great feedback so far! 🏭
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