I have a container running on K8s with an automati...
# automation-api
I have a container running on K8s with an automation API application. The application uses
npm install
in a
func on the
setup like adviced here: https://pulumi-community.slack.com/archives/C019YSXN04B/p1600959484002700?thread_ts=1600959097.002500&cid=C019YSXN04B The app is running using a sub-image of
. But when executing this, the
npm install
bails out. When trying this manually via an attached terminal, the
npm install
seems to hang around 75%. Package being installed at that moment was
, but not sure if it is related to that. Eventually, the process is killed. sigh
This does not sound like an Automation API specific issue. A couple of general suggestions that might help: 1. Try bumping the resources allocated to the VM. How much RAM have you allocated? Try doubling perhaps? 2. If (1) isn't possible, you could build docker images with the node projects already cloned and installed in the image and instead use
variants of automation API.
@lemon-agent-27707 nr 1 solved it. By accident, I gave the container only 100M of RAM. While that was ok for another container, it clearly wasn’t for this one. 🙂
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