Is it possible to use dynamic resources (i.e. `ext...
# automation-api
Is it possible to use dynamic resources (i.e.
extends pulumi.dynamic.Resource
) in a nodejs inline program using the Automation API? I get an exception:
Error: Cannot find module '@pulumi/pulumi/cmd/dynamic-provider'
as well as
error: could not read plugin [C:\Users\barcl\.pulumi\bin\pulumi-resource-pulumi-nodejs.cmd] stdout: EOF
. The installation works perfectly well using the traditional CLI-driven method
I wonder if you need to set the
like this: It might be a manifestation of this issue: I'll admit I haven't tried to use dynamic providers with automation api so there quite possibly could be a gap here. Please do file an issue (or update the one linked above) if that is the case
@lemon-agent-27707 I can confirm that setting workdir done the trick. It causes other issues with multiple stacks and configuration, I have updated the linked issue
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This helped me as well. Thanks @lemon-agent-27707