are there any plans to publish and support the api...
# automation-api
are there any plans to publish and support the apis used by it would be nice to use them in conjunction with the automation api to fully automate all programs and stacks in an organization and know they won't one day change.
So we don't have any official documents on it but if you use chrome's dev tools in the console you'll see the calls to the API that your browser makes. There's also this gist which is fairly up to date. Please note that the API is subject to change (although the CLI also uses it so it's not going to change that often)
We do have an issue to formally document the API here which you can follow along with
Yes, I’ve already taken a look at the apis through chrome dev tools so it’s definitely possible to use them alongside the automation apis. However, we want to build a self service portal that is used by the everyone so a stable published api would be preferable as a breaking change would prevent us from being able to deploy. I might be wrong but the current automation API requires you to know the programs and stacks in advance. A couple of use cases where the apis used by the console would be helpful are 1) the ability to deploy all programs for a team when we create a new environment/stack 2) display a list of all programs and stacks for a team and then be able to select which ones to deploy to a stack based on a git tag/commit/branch.
I just saw your comment above. Thanks!