Has anyone have an idea why using the eks package ...
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Has anyone have an idea why using the eks package to create a cluster would give me this error? I found something similar in an issue, but the workdir workaround is not helping. GKE and AKS clusters work perfectly. Am i missing a plugin? I’m installing
await ws.installPlugin('aws', 'v3.22.0');
but i cannot install an eks one so i gathered this is enough?
it looks like your
doesn't have
- did you do an
npm install
in your pipeline?
It is and it is also in the local node_modules (we use yarn workspaces but all the pulumi packages and their dependencies are not hoisted
and in the same run it can do GKE, AKS, Cloudflare and a bunch of k8s packages, so it is specifically related to the eks package
the folder it mentions just has the yaml files
Pulumi.development-eks-europe-pz.yaml Pulumi.yaml
I believe that you need to specifically set the workdir to the folder that has package.json and
pulumi-eks is trying to load something from your node modules (
) and failed
I’ve resolved the workdir to that folder, but it keeps dying with the same error
{  stackName: ‘settlemint/development-eks-europe-rtt’,  projectName: ‘bpaas’,  program: [AsyncFunction: program],  workDir: ‘/Users/roderik/Development/bpaas-launchpad/packages/launchpad-api’ }
strike that, i put it itno args not opts, it runs!
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Glad to hear you're unblocked. Feel free to drop a note in that issue with the details of the issue you ran into or just give it a +1
done, i added a note because the workaround introduces another concurrency issue
👍 wondering if using a temporary directory and sym-linking node_modules would work to get around polluting the directory with colliding stack yaml files: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/5578#issuecomment-755779509