Hi everyone, the example is very useful of multi-s...
# automation-api
Hi everyone, the example is very useful of multi-stack application https://github.com/pulumi/automation-api-examples/tree/c31839ced632561fb9ea12de16b96d974715486e/go/multi_stack_orchestration . I am looking for a good reference architecture of complicated use case, my use case is multi-tenant(UK, DE, US, etc)  and multi-layer(Infra, service, ect) platform, do you have some examples and good ideas in Python with different branch mode and different configuration file and inner-reference  stack case with automation api. I am mixed with inner stack, branch mode, Opts with different Providers. if you have some good idea, just let me know. currently. my idea is 1. different configuration for different Tenant, but multi-stack application will have many configuration. 2. different stack  for different layer of Platform. But I don’t know how to do the ci/cd in the right wary in the end.
I would expect each ‘layer’ to be its own program with each ‘tenant’ a separate stack.
I can understand you, normally my customer will have the same services (code base) from our central team, only different configuration.
I will share some diagram later. chat you tomorrow, here is CET time.