02/26/2021, 12:30 AM
Building out a POC with the new automation API's (inline programs), and seeing some warnings that I didn't have before with more traditional CLI based infra. • warning: provider config warning: "skip_credentials_validation": [DEPRECATED] This field is deprecated and will be removed in version 3.0 of the Azure Provider I'm not specifying this parameter anywhere, it appears to be some sort of default • warning: name is deprecated: This property has been renamed to
and will be removed in v2.0 of this provider. The 'name' one happens a lot and seems to be tied to Azure role (assignment / lookup, hard to tell since the log doesn't indicate where) but checking all name properties (in resource creation and member variables) makes it seem like none of them support display_name


02/26/2021, 5:32 AM
This is surprising. I wonder if this is accidental, as in your CLI program is using a different version of the Azure provider than what's running via the Automation API. Can you share the application code that is causing this?


02/26/2021, 1:16 PM
This is from the upstream provider, scroll down to this: skip_credentials_validation #10646. The pulumi azure 3.47 is where this was released. Have you tried using the azure-native provider?


02/26/2021, 4:47 PM
I can try swapping to Azure NextGen