I hard coded `dummy` as a name. I didn't have the ...
# automation-api
I hard coded
as a name. I didn't have the Pulumi.yaml file as none of the automation API samples have it. I also was running samples and it worked. I also tried to add the yaml file with the project name matching, but I don't think the local workspace uses it at all
btw just to alleviate any confusion about how automation API currently functions - The automation API currently has a hard dependency on the CLI. And the CLI requires a pulumi project directory - meaning it requires a pulumi.yaml. When you construct a local workspace, if you provide a
than the automation API will assume that directory already has pulumi YAML files in it and try to operate using those. If you do not provide a
than the automation API creates a temp folder and generates a pulumi YAML in this temp directory that it will then be working out of until disposed. If you pass any values into
than those values will be serialized into the pulumi YAML file that it uses. If you pass any values in the
collection than it will serialize each instance into a pulumi stack YAML file. The issue you had with the project name sounds interesting - I am curious what the actual value of the project name was in your scenario. Like if you looked at the generated temp folder (you can find it by looking at the
property on the local workspace) and examined the project name that it had serialized into the YAML file, would the value be