Two questions: 1. How do folks test creating AKV's...
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Two questions: 1. How do folks test creating AKV's for encrypting resources (which requires soft_deletion, and purge detection), I'm trying to test resource creation based on API input, so I've been deleting the resources post test run (but then the protection kicks in since I am not randomly generating names) 2. In a similar vein I'm attempting to (the problem is E, where it tries to create a new SA rather than update the existing): a. Create Storage Account b. Get SA identity c. Create AKV, with policy to allow SA identity to "get, wrapkey, unwrapkey" d. Add key e. Update SA with encryption specifying new AKV and key
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**creating failed** error: Duplicate resource URN
Thoughts? (using azure-native 1.0.1 for reference) The equivalent AZ CLI command for E would be:
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az storage account update
    --name <storage-account> \
    --resource-group <resource_group> \
    --encryption-key-name <key> \
    --encryption-key-source Microsoft.Keyvault \
    --encryption-key-vault $key_vault_uri