More concretely - I am creating a ASG based on a n...
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More concretely - I am creating a ASG based on a name that a user provides. For the same stack, for new names, I want to create additional ASGs
I guess you could loop over ASG creation, pass in an array of names as a config value and that would let you do something like this.
Yeah, but the names will be [“name1”] in first run and [“name2"] in second run. Which I need to handle as [“name1”, “name2"]
Guess a better question is - is it possible to do what I want to do as multiple stack, but be able to list all the stack that I create this way?
One option seems to be tags, is it possible to list stacks by tags?
Yes, my suggestion would be to always create a new stack.
You can keep all such stacks in one specific project. Or you could name the stacks in a way that has this information.
, etc.
Listing stacks by tag is not possible currently via automation api
Could you point me at how I can get all stack in a project? Last I checked (might have done it wrongly), it needed both stack name and project name. Using the python sdk
Got it, thanks a lot. Will try this way!
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