hey folks, has anyone run into an error like this ...
# automation-api
hey folks, has anyone run into an error like this when trying to use the automation API with go?
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failed to run update: exit status 255\ncode: 255\nstdout: Updating (my-test):\n \n\nstderr: error: failed to discover plugin requirements: grpc: error unmarshalling request: failed to unmarshal *pulumirpc.GetRequiredPluginsRequest\n\n
looking to get a minimized example together if I can repoduce it, but wanted to check and see if anyone knows offhand when this happens
just off the top of my head sanity check - make sure you're using the latest CLI version / auto-api version? I guess it's possible that a CLI version has changed the get required plugin response shape and the auto-api isn't deserializing correctly because those versions arent in sync?
yeah, both of those are v3.15.0 unfortunately. I definitely have a feeling this is something easy, because I can’t reproduce with a minimized example just yet. seems to work fine.
are you by chance using a pre-built binary when it fails?
if you mean I’m compiling the go code into a binary then running it, yes. this is basically a little CLI tool I’m building that wraps pulumi for some functions
I mean are you using the pulumi project settings feature where you point it at a
binary: filepath
because you are taking on the responsibility of building it ahead of time. If so, did you have it working that way previously? I know that in .NET,
relies on plugin discovery, which in turn relies on pulumi having ownership over building the binary. This is because in .NET it relies on knowing which packages you brought in in order to determine versions. So in my use-cases when I am using a pre-built .NET binary, I have to manually install the plugins ahead of time because plugin discovery does not work. It is possible that the golang plugin discovery has the same or similar limitation.
hrmm, hang on. I think it may be something that I did to break this. I checked out and old branch and it seems to work. let me dive into the diff between these two
(thank you for the help btw, much appreciated)
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