I'm getting this while making updates to an existi...
# automation-api
I'm getting this while making updates to an existing stack. Had to unprotect resources - that's all the extra things I did before the new up run via automation pipeline. Any insights?
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error: post-step event returned an error: failed to verify snapshot: resource urn:pulumi:mandtpov::iac-azure::azure-native:resources:ResourceGroup$azure-native:containerservice:ManagedCluster$pulumi:providers:kubernetes$kubernetes:core/v1:Namespace::namespace-asdf refers to unknown provider urn:pulumi:qwerty::iac-azure::azure-native:resources:ResourceGroup$azure-native:containerservice:ManagedCluster$pulumi:providers:kubernetes::aksProvider::2b8c1005-6655-4ab1-bdff-320bc1e8ceca
how do i even proceed? it's not allowing me to even destroy the cluster - same error
refers to unknown provider
Are you using inline programs? Typically this means you're referencing a variable from a previous program run (IE global state somewhere in you inline program)
You can't cache resources or providers between program runs, they must be created every time your inline program executes in order to populate the desired state graph.