Hi, I’m new to Pulumi but I’m loving it so far. I ...
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Hi, I’m new to Pulumi but I’m loving it so far. I have a question regarding EKS + Kubernetes + ELB + SSL 🙂 : I’ve created a k8s cluster backed by EKS, I’ve added a web service and I’ve exposed it as type “LoadBalancer”. With this configuration, Pulumi has created an ELB for me and I can successfully reach the service. The problem is that now I want to add an HTTPS listener to the ELB but I don’t have a reference to the ELB in the code. So: • Is it possible to tell Pulumi to create an ELB with http and https listeners when I expose a k8s service as type “LoadBalancer”? • or, is it possible to create the ELB first and then pass a reference to the service so that it uses it instead of creating a new ELB? • or, is it possible to expose the service as “ClusterIP” and then create an ELB in the same vpc of the k8s cluster and make it point to the private IP? • or, is there a better way to do this?
When you define a service with type "LoadBalancer" it's kubernetes that creates the ELB, not pulumi. There are a couple of annotations you can add to the service to control the ELB configuration, see the docs here https://v1-18.docs.kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/cluster-administration/cloud-providers/#load-balancers
I would recommend to avoid creating the ELB outside of Kubernetes as it also involves some security group tweaks
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