… sooo … I have a `remapCloudControlResource` ques...
# pulumi-cdk
… sooo … I have a
question my cdk stack creates an iam user
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const user = new iam.User(scope, "user", {
      userName: id,
which triggers an
error: Resource type aws-native:iam:User not found
I go ahead and add logging to the adaptor to get the type name
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console.log(`id ${logicalId}, type: ${typeName}`);
but I don’t see the request for a user hitting the adaptor
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id eventsEventsTable18AFE818, type: AWS::DynamoDB::Table
    id eventsEventBus329C33D3, type: AWS::Events::EventBus
    id accountpublisherServiceRole224F6DB0, type: AWS::IAM::Role
    id accountpublisherServiceRoleDefaultPolicy255EE974, type: AWS::IAM::Policy
    id accountpublisher3BC67E57, type: AWS::Lambda::Function
any insights into what am I doing wrong?