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Hi all 👋 first all I hope everyone is having amazing holidays 😁 I was trying to rebuild the blog @big-piano-35669 did, having EKS with Fargate containers (https://www.pulumi.com/blog/aws-eks-managed-nodes-fargate/) using the Golang SDK. In the blog there is a cluster property fargate: true, but that isn’t available (yet?) in the Go SDK. Is there another way to set it, or am I just being impatient and have to wait a little for it to be ready in the Go SDK?
Yes - the
used in those examples are NodeJS packages that are not (yet) available in other languages. You can still accomplish all the same things - but it will require a bit more work to use the raw primitives in
directly instead of the simpler wrappers in those two packages used in this blog post.
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The key resource you'll need to use is the FargateProfile. E.g., see https://godoc.org/github.com/pulumi/pulumi-aws/sdk/go/aws/eks#FargateProfile.
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Thanks 😄 I’ll keep y’all posted on my endeavors
Yeey! It worked 😄 thanks for the pointers gents 😄
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Great!!! If you have example code you want to share back, we'd love to add an example, either to https://github.com/pulumi/examples, or just inline here and we can run with it. If you're too busy building things, no worries, just happy it worked!
Well, I was gonna publish it on my blog 😳 I’d be more than happy to share the complete stuff with y’all too though! And I’m totally building a bunch of cool things (at least I think they’re cool...) using a bunch of different technology components (one of them being Pulumi)
Blog sounds great! I can't wait to read it 😊