Can anyone tell me if it's possible to use Pulumi ...
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Can anyone tell me if it's possible to use Pulumi within a Go application without having to use the
cli commands? I'd like to use it as part of a larger application but can't seem to find any documentation on how or even if it's possible.
It's not currently possible, but something we're hoping to enable soon! Please follow and add any additional context on your use case there.
In the meantime you could wrap the
cli in your application, but the issue I linked is focused on making this a first-class programmatic interface.
Ah, that's a shame. It's the sole reason we looked at using Pulumi over Terraform. 😞
Is the CLI output machine-readable enough for that to be reliable? We're looking at building a service that'll manage Kubernetes clusters and underlying infrastructure for many, many teams over as many different AWS accounts so needs to be able to handle failures.
The resulting state file from a
is machine-readable as JSON so could certainly be handled programmatically.
We have several customers doing a similar "managed service" type solution so we'd be happy to talk to you about this in more detail if you're interested. If so, please send an email to and I can help setup a call.
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huge +1 to this, I assumed this was already in place too considering you have a programmatic model.
Just wanted to follow up and mention that we merged the first PR for the Automation API Go SDK! It's in alpha and there will be (mostly additive) breaking changes in the coming weeks. There are complete godocs here that you can check out: In addition, there are still a bunch of holes that we'll be plugging over the next few weeks. Here's a list of known issues that we're tracking: If you'd like to try it out, you'll need to build pulumi/pulumi as there are CLI changes. We'll cut a CLI release early next week that will make it easier to try all of this out. I'll be updating with instructions and a call for feedback early next week, but I thought I'd let ya'll know in the mean time in case you're eager to kick the tires. If the feedback on the design is positive, we'll follow up with all of the supported pulumi languages.