When running `pulumi up` against the aws api the c...
# golang
When running
pulumi up
against the aws api the credentials are taken from my environment, which is perfectly fine. Now I have to switch into a different iam role in my code to manage different resources. In terraform I know how to define an aliased second or third aws provider to manage resources. Im looking for an example on how to do this using pulumi. Do you know of any examples that does this without splitting the code into two different projects?
As you can guess, Im quite new to Pulumi 😉
Answering the question to myself and for everyone else as reference. I must hone my google-fu skills and read the docs with more attention 😁
The github link belongs to this tutorial in the docs
A little more detail from the docs on configuring providers: https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/resources/#providers