Any ideas on how to work around <
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Any ideas on how to work around Just trying to create an Managed Node Group, dont’ really care how…. 🙂. but wondering if using Go for this will just keep causing pain 😞
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seems somehow inter-tangled with this type thing
Hi Paul, sorry for the trouble here. I’ve been looking into this and there appears to be a couple bugs in our Go SDK and Go SDK code generator, but I am still working through it. I’m hoping I can put together a workaround in the meantime and if I do I’ll be sure to share it. Note that our EKS package is implemented in TypeScript -- the Go SDK just calls the TypeScript implementation running in Node (the Go bugs are around marshalling the types). If you could use TypeScript or JavaScript, you won’t run into these bugs. I realize that may not be a satisfactory answer, but just something to consider for the meantime as we work on addressing the bugs in the Go SDK.
@microscopic-pilot-97530 do you know when this will be released: ?