I've got another question, is there a rule of thum...
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I've got another question, is there a rule of thumb on on when to use
to enforce Pulumi to wait for the creation of a particular resource?
As one can see from my last questions and in particular the debugging question last Tuesday, Im still struggling with the simple task of chaining two providers .. I always the the error message of cannot be assumed .. just because the first one isn't ready, when the second one is being created ..
Even tough I properly chain these two with pulumi.Provider(myProvider) ..
Which I think should be enough to make Pulumi recognize, that one resource depends on another one ..
I am under the impression, that I miss something important, as my code starts to become a cascade of .ApplyT()'s
What are you trying to achieve? Providers don’t generally do much on their own, so depending on them is very uncommon.