Hello folks, hoping to get some guidance from peop...
# golang
Hello folks, hoping to get some guidance from people here that have experience using the pulumi golang sdk and preferably also with the typescript sdk. After having used the typescript sdk for aws and eks for some time - it has been quite a seamless experience, and things work "as advertised" for the most part. I have also made some small contributions which were graciously accepted into the upstream code. Now I am trying to use the golang sdk (mainly so that we can get wider adoption in house), and the experience seems quite degraded compared to ts. Also, it seems like the golang libs still rely on typescript-written plugins (e.g. aws, kubernetes) and so its not as compelling to use golang. Additionally, (eks) stacks created with golang seem to be more "high level" - as in - they are not aware of lower-level resources in the stack. This could be partially due my being relatively new to Golang itself. Any well-informed opinions on this? Are developers finding the Golang sdk to be mature and usable/maintainable enough to justify using it over TS for prod infra? Thanks in advance.