Ciao! Is it possible to deploy an Azure App Servic...
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Ciao! Is it possible to deploy an Azure App Service with the last (3.1 would be ok) .Net Core runtime? I can’t see “runtime” option in the object model…and also I cannot see it in Terraform
Top! Thank you another time! It’s another topic but I noticed that if you try to set a config variable that starts with $ (like $xxxx.01) what is saved is just “.01”. Same thing if I wrap the value inside “”. Using single quotes ‘’ it works good. Is it the aspected behavior?
Mikhail I just tried with
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LinuxFxVersion = "DOTNETCORE|3.1",
but it doesn’t work, it says that the value is not valid
exporting the ARM template I cannot see something related to the runtime stack
Maybe is something related to the appservice tier, I tried with a simple Shared D1. For example starting from the Azure portal is still not possibile tu setup an app with NETCORE 3.1 in Windows…but this is just a portal issue because the runtime is correcly isntalled
I haven't really found that runtime setting to be useful. The app service has everything installed anyways and changing that doesn't appear to do anything (at least in my experience)
yeah I have the same experience @adventurous-garage-59192