How do I create an output for a class that is inhe...
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How do I create an output for a class that is inheriting Stack. You used to just run it all in a single Deployment.Run which would return a dictionary but now that is is a separate class (from the template generator) and not sure how to return outputs. The documents still have the older way.
I tried creating an Output field for the class and calling RegisterOutputs but that causes pulumi to panic.
I’ll be updating examples and template this week, sorry for lacking on this
Ah cool, that did the trick. Thanks for the quick reply!
Is it possible to make a dictionary an output?
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public Output<Dictionary<string, string>> VmInformation { get; private set; }= null!;
I have a dynamic amount of VMs and want to return the IPs
when I run it with that I get a panic
well a .net exception
It must be immutable
Output<ImmutableDictionary<string, string>>
ah okay. I should have looked closer cause it said it right in the exception 😅