I wanted to rename a resource group, but realised ...
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I wanted to rename a resource group, but realised if I did this through Pulumi it would destroy the items. I created a new resource group in Azure and "moved" the resources into that new group. While then renaming my resource group in my C# project. I did this in the hope that it might reconcile the differences based on name, as I don't let pulumi use the suffixes. However it obvious uses ids, and thus wants to drop and recreate. So I thought I would try and import the new resource group and original resources so it wouldn't delete them (as they are in use), however now it's stating it wants to do an import-replacement. What is an import-replacement? The fact that it also says in the details that it will delete-replacement has me worried somewhat.
@tall-librarian-49374 are you able to help me here?
I’d have to try to make sure I don’t give an ill advice. @gentle-diamond-70147 What’s the standard procedure for this?
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Any ideas @gentle-diamond-70147?
@numerous-processor-60508 I've responded to the support ticket you opened. Let's keep the conversation there so we don't lose any replies or context.
Ah, excellent thank you