Hello, we have decided to start using C# for Pulum...
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Hello, we have decided to start using C# for Pulumi instead of Python and am running into issues when doing a stackReference. With Python its pretty straight forward to me. You get the output then you access Id object within the outputs. However, what are we missing to access just "id"?
What’s the actual type of
in your code snippet at runtime? I suspect it should be an immutable dictionary that you should cast to the strong type and then extract the value for
I am pulling it straight from Pulumi's docs. https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/organizing-stacks-projects/ I assume these docs assume only oneobject returns from a single output. I figure with Best Practices use Pulumi UI as a quick insight to whats configured out there, so why only supply a single output where I want to see full config.