Was curious if anyone else is experiencing this is...
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Was curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue or not. When creating and RDS Cluster in AWS, for now I statically supplied a list of CloudwatchLogsExports. With no changes it keeps flip flopping the order instead of staying true to the order I supplied. Since the order is flip flopping it also indicated a (replacement) of the ClusterInstances, even though that is an incorrect state change.
Hey James, were you able to resolve this? I think if you adjust the order in your inputs ("general", "slowquery") that might fix this. Looks like https://github.com/terraform-providers/terraform-provider-aws/issues/6799 is the upstream issue for this.
yea I ended up putting it in alphabetacle order. I opened an issue with you guys, ends up being upstream. Thank you on the response though.
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