Has anyone else encountered this error when runnin...
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Has anyone else encountered this error when running Pulumi config set on Azure DevOps?
2020-08-18T21:11:57.9524504Z ##[error]Error: There was an error when attempting to execute the process 'D:\a\_temp\1db5fca2-f664-4b02-a788-4cbea994050f\pulumi\bin\pulumi.exe'. This may indicate the process failed to start. Error: spawn D:\a\_temp\1db5fca2-f664-4b02-a788-4cbea994050f\pulumi\bin\pulumi.exe ENOENT
This is most likely due to running the command in a directory that doesn’t have the
and the stack config files. Can you please check that you have the right directory when you run that command?
Thank you, let me check that. Since this is running on a different stage in the pipeline.