After my deployment runs, I'd like to add a stored...
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After my deployment runs, I'd like to add a stored procedure and some data to the (Azure Document) database. Is there a way to: 1. tell that the deployment has been performed (rather than previewed or cancelled) 2. get the exported values to find the connection string
Could you use your CI/CD pipeline to string releases together?
Ideally I want to do it from the Pulumi deployment app, because one of the great strengths of a Pulumi deployment is that I could spin up a complete but temporary instance of the whole infrastructure based on the code I've got in my working directory. I just want to move the priming of the database out of the deployed code.
I think the embedded pulumi api that's coming would make this straightforward, but for where we are now... that's an intriguing question 🙂
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