also, can anyone help me with the following: ```ap...
# dotnet
also, can anyone help me with the following:
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apiVersion: <|>
kind: BackendConfig
  name: my-backendconfig
    checkIntervalSec: interval
    timeoutSec: timeout
    healthyThreshold: health-threshold
    unhealthyThreshold: unhealthy-threshold
    type: protocol
    requestPath: path
    port: port
Is it possible to create such resource with pulumi C# and if yes, what's it's name and how do i tell the ingress resource to use this config? i need this to customize the health check endpoint for my ingress configuration
I have found out that I don't have to create this resource. Instead I can configure this in the deployment spec with:
ReadinessProbe = new ProbeArgs
HttpGet = new HTTPGetActionArgs
Path = "/healthz",
Port = 80