Hello,  I am running into an odd issue that I am a...
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Hello,  I am running into an odd issue that I am activley troubleshooting as it will cause issues down the road if I want to change settings later. Basically for this issue all I am doing is creating a new ECS Task Definition which then is setup as a ScheduledTask using CloudWatch Rule and EventTargets.  On FIRST deploy everything works accordingly, upon modifying the task definition say just CPU it throws an error => “Preview Failed: unexpected unknown property Value”. I enabled DEBUG, but I am not sure what I am exactly looking for.
Hey James, what Pulumi CLI version are you on?
Running: 2.15.4, Pulumi.Aws is latest 3.*, with the latest plugin installed on my laptop of 3.21.0
Hello @chilly-hairdresser-56259, We are tracking this issue here
@chilly-hairdresser-56259 We’re actively investigating this issue. Did anything change for you dependencies-wise on this stack?
@faint-table-42725 I have not changed any package references. Mine currently are looking like this.
Thanks — that’s helpful. If you run with
does the update succeed?
@faint-table-42725 just saw your comment, testing now, will get back with you shortly
@faint-table-42725 that appears to work. I tested by changing CPU and Memory on the Task Definition before the env var, it failed as expected then enabled that ENV var and was sucessful.
Thanks for confirming!
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Thanks for the help. We were able to repro and should have a fix coming out shortly.
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