I recently converted my project in TS over c#. In...
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I recently converted my project in TS over c#. In TS we could define a set of outputs at like so
export { resourceGroup }
where resourceGroup was the result of a declaration. In c# however I get an error stating that the type must be of Output<T>, so in this case Output<ResourceGroup>, but the result of declaring a ResourceGroup is not Output<ResourceGroup> it's ResourceGroup. Is there a way in c# to either convert this resource to the output version of itself? Or is it possible to have the pulumi application have outputs that are not of Output<T>?
I’m afraid you can’t “export” a custom object as an output in C# at the moment
You’d have to convert it to a dictionary
Convert it to a dictionary? How does that work, is there an example you can point me to?
Also, the custom object here is a Pulumi provided object. Pulumi.Azure.Core.ResourceGroup, not sure if it makes a difference.