Hi Pulumi team. Wi Seem to be struggling with <Pul...
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Hi Pulumi team. Wi Seem to be struggling with Pulumi.Kubernetes 2.7.7. I suspect this to be an issue with Pulumi.Kubernetes.Helm.V3 namspace or kubernetes itself. I am using this along side the Pulumi.Azure package …. Everything works perfect until I want to test this in a unit test. Based on the official C# testing example I have written a simple test (simplified somewhat for your convenience)
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using System.ComponentModel;
using System.Linq;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Pulumi.Azure.ContainerService;
using Vipps.Vce.Core;
using Xunit;
namespace Vipps.Vce.International.BlueGreen.Tests
    public class BLueGreenStackTests
        public async Task Test_BaseStack_Constructor_CreatesAKS()

            var resources = await Testing.RunAsync<BlueGreenStack>(); <-- stacktrace covers this
            var aks =  resources.OfType<KubernetesCluster>().FirstOrDefault();
            Assert.Equal(name, await aks.Name.GetValueAsync());
This test crashes with a stacktrace where I am responsible for a single test line 😅 How do I approach this crash?