and so Im at it again, ```azure-native:cdn:CustomD...
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and so Im at it again,
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azure-native:cdn:CustomDomain (abc-de.fgh.ijk.lm):
    error: Preview failed: autorest/azure: Service returned an error. Status=400 Code="BadRequest" Message="Property 'CustomDomainEntityKey.CustomDomainName' cannot be set to 'abc-de.fgh.ijk.lm'
the code I am running is
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return new CustomDomain(fqdn, new CustomDomainArgs()
            EndpointName = cdnEndpoint.Name,
            ProfileName = cdnProfile.Name,
            HostName = fqdn,
            ResourceGroupName = resourceGroup.Name,
            CustomDomainName = fqdn
What am I doing wrong ?
From the docs, it looks like you need the name of the customer domain, rather than the actual custom domain.