Hello All, I am migrating C# code from classic Azu...
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Hello All, I am migrating C# code from classic Azure to Azure-Native which is going well so far but I am facing a small issue with unit tests. Here is the code that I’d like to test
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var resourceGroup = new ResourceGroup("mystaticsite");
var storageAccount = new StorageAccount("mysite", new StorageAccountArgs
    ResourceGroupName = resourceGroup.Name,
    EnableHttpsTrafficOnly = true,
    Sku = new SkuArgs
        Name = SkuName.Standard_LRS
    AccessTier = AccessTier.Hot,
    Kind = Kind.StorageV2,
PrimaryWebEndpoint = storageAccount.PrimaryEndpoints.Apply(x=>x.Web);
My test is trying to verify that the ResourceGroup was created
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private static Task<ImmutableArray<Pulumi.Resource>> TestAsync()
    return Pulumi.Deployment.TestAsync<WebsiteStack>(new Mocks(), new TestOptions {IsPreview = false});

public async Task ResourceGroup_ShouldExist()
    var resources = await TestAsync();

    var resourceGroups = resources.OfType<ResourceGroup>().ToList();

I couldn’t get the test to pass because I can’t find a way to mock
Are there a recommended way to handle this scenario?
You should be able to mock the response by adding the named output inside NewResourceAsync for example inside your mock NewResourceAsync
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outputs.Add("primaryEndpoints", new Dictionary<string, object?>()
    {"blob", "BlobEndpoint"},
    {"dfs", "DfsEndpoint"},
    {"file", "FileEndpoint"},
    {"internetEndpoints", null},
    {"microsoftEndpoints", null},
    {"queue", "QueueEndpoint"},
    {"table", "TableEndpoint"},
    {"web", "WebEndpoint"},
Nice, that worked like a charm