Here comes my short rant. I have wasted one day o...
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Here comes my short rant. I have wasted one day on trying to assign access to write logs from Azure application gateway to Azure eventhub. I was working with EventHub.NamespaceAuthorizationRule . I got these really mysterious errors. the system was telling me my eventhub did not exist. I found the issue. i was trying to assign NamespaceName, but the documentation for this property says S_pecifies the name of the ServiceBus Namespace. Changing this forces a new resource to be created._ My solution was to switch class to EventHub.EventHubNamespaceAuthorizationRule . now everything works. This leads me to believe that EventHub.NamespaceAuthorizationRule does not have the right to exist. EventHubNamespaceAuthorizationRule solves my azure Eventhub access rights, and ServiceBus.NamespaceAuthorizationRule solves all mye azure servicebus access rights. Please make EventHub.NamespaceAuthorizationRule go away in a future version of pulumi. 😬.
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Thanks 😉