hey guys, I have an AppInsights component being cr...
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hey guys, I have an AppInsights component being created and I want the ingestion mode to be Loganalytics -- however I can't specify to which LogAnalytics workspace it should go. Even when I import a resource that has the desired configuration in Azure, the resulting C# code doesn't offer a WorkspaceResourceId
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"properties": {
        "Name": "asasfasfasf",
        "TenantId": "6e9924f5-0f9c-4946-a7e9-a01e08f2a84c",
        "provisioningState": "Succeeded",
        "WorkspaceResourceId": "/subscriptions/blabla/providers/microsoft.operationalinsights/workspaces/test-main",
        "IngestionMode": "LogAnalytics",
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using Pulumi;
using AzureNative = Pulumi.AzureNative;

class MyStack : Stack
    public MyStack()
        var ai = new AzureNative.Insights.Component("ai", new AzureNative.Insights.ComponentArgs
            ApplicationType = "web",
            FlowType = "Redfield",
            IngestionMode = "LogAnalytics",
            Kind = "web",
            Location = "westus2",
            RequestSource = "IbizaAIExtension",
            ResourceGroupName = "DefaultResourceGroup-EUS",
            ResourceName = "asasfasfasf",
            RetentionInDays = 90,
        }, new CustomResourceOptions
            Protect = true,
How do I go about describing this scenario? Thanks.