Slightly odd issue, I've found that when working o...
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Slightly odd issue, I've found that when working on a Pulumi project in Visual Studio 2022, when I run the Pulumi CLI locally to deploy, it works fine but for some reason Visual Studio decides that it doesn't recognise any of the Pulumi classes in it's intellisense until I run a build in VS again. Not a big deal, but annoying. Anyone else seen this?
I've been using 2022 and haven't had that problem.
Although, this codebase uses the automation-api and I'm not running the cli.
Ditto, although targeting dotnet 6.0 has issues with single file executables.
i have seen the same thing you are talking about @miniature-leather-70472. haven't really dug too deep into it because similarly on my end it is more of a small annoyance than a show stopper. i have also seen something similar when mounting a
container to the same source directory that VS is looking at. when i restore/build from the container VS will do the same thing and not recognize any classes. all i can think of is maybe there is a difference between how VS/dotnet and docker and pulumi do the restore? like if pulumi does a restore during build and moves things around in the obj folder differently than VS expects it or something, or restores to some other directory etc
glad I'm not just going crazy then!