Hello, I was curious if anyone ran into issues wit...
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Hello, I was curious if anyone ran into issues with TargetGroup Deregistration delay setting? I was sitting on pulumi_aws v2.14.1 and ran into this issue. Previously we just defaulted the deregristration delay, which is 300 seconds. However, when we added better health check endpoints we are getting an error stating that the deserialization is expecting a
rather than a
even though the argument indicates
Error in the comments.
Argument declaration
I did but it fixed itself with a subsequent update https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-aws/pull/1662#issuecomment-941816794
Others still have the issue though 😕
Dang after seeing the thread ill open a support request. And see if i can figure it out, i agree this would cause much pain as its holding up feature releases
@faint-table-42725 can you provide any updates? I am trying to get updates from Support but not getting updates.
I believe I found a working version. Working on testing it out.
I've got no issues now and using:
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<PackageReference Include="Pulumi" Version="3.16.0" />
<PackageReference Include="Pulumi.Aws" Version="4.25.0" />
Would you believe it - I completely tore down the stacks and hit this issue again when standing them up 😖
Yea I tested net new too. Was thinking maybe its only on updating existing resources.
I haven't had any issues with this version. Took an entire day to test scenerios out and all came out success.