Further to the above, is anyone aware of any limia...
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Further to the above, is anyone aware of any limiations on Stack References? For example, can you have a Stack using Pulumi.Aws v 4.30.0 and another Stack that has a Stack Reference to it that uses a different Pulumi.Aws version? I presume this is a supported setup?
I'm not aware of why a StackReference would care about what plugins the referenced stack is using - since my understanding was that a StackReference would just be parsing the state of the referenced stack in order to retrieve any outputs. Perhaps my understanding is flawed. Are you certain that it is the StackReference that is causing your hanging?
I have 2 stacks using Pulumi.Aws v4.5.1: a network stack and an application stack. The application stack has a stack reference to the network stack, but not a project referrence. The 2 stacks share no dependencies. I can upgrade the network stack to v4.30.0, but if I then try to upgrade the application stack it hangs. I can then revert the network stack back to 4.5.1 and pulumi up on the application stack is then OK. I can then try to upgrade the application stack and leave the network stack on v4.5.1. The result: pulumi up on the application stack hangs again.
I am certain it is the Stack Reference that is causing the hanging. Between the Pulumi.Aws v4.5.1 and v4.6.0 the Pulumi version changed from v3.2.1 to v3.3.1. Could this be something to do with it?
I am going to try to create a minimal example to demonstrate the issue.
If anyone is aware of whether it is possible to import existing infrastructure into a new stack using a newer pulumi version without risk of infrastructure downtime, would be interested to try this as have hit a brick wall here.
or any tips on editing the json state to get past this problem and re-importing etc.
Some further info, I can make this fail on Pulumi.Aws v4.5.1 if I explicitly reference Pulumi v3.3.0 or above in the project (instead of taking the implicit reference of Pulumi v3.2.1), so the issue appears to be related to changes between Pulumi v3.2.1 and v3.3.0.
Can now reprorduce the issue between Pulumi versions 3.3.0-alpha.1620836953 which works and 3.3.0-alpha.1620851027 which doesn't.
Looking at the code changes around that time, I am wondering if it is related to this https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/3991