I have emails with zips so `SES -> S3 -> Lam...
# typescript
I have emails with zips so
SES -> S3 -> Lambda
which works just fine. but now I want to have 2
lambdas either: on the same bucket looking at different prefixes (
SES -> S3 'email prefix' -> Lambda 1 -> S3 -> 'other prefix' -> Lambda 2
) or a clean way to do
SES -> S3 1 -> Lambda 1 -> S3 2 -> Lambda 2
I’ve had a look at the code for the class
but I couldn’t find a version or something similar that allowed for creating a single
that had multiple rules
For the multiple bucket option all I’m really looking for is a clean way to pass the name of bucket 2 to lambda 1
I’ve seen
within a lambda example but then I’m looking at putting the lambda handler with the bucket creation or maybe I can keep the handler in a different file and go for some kind of “handler generator” which I pass the bucket value but idk if that feels “clean”